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helping you manage, helping you grow

Since Biruwa Advisor’s inception in 2014, we have mentored over 800 entrepreneurs, provided consulting services to over 500 businesses from diverse sectors and industries and provided loan & investment facilitation services to more than a dozen enterprises.

Biruwa Advisor’s has demonstrated successful completion of enterprise support related developmental projects through technical partnership with multiple local and foreign businesses, financial institutions, development organizations, industry associations and the government. The firm has provided services to a number of industries ranging from hospitality to manufacturing; information technology to handicrafts; and agriculture to social enterprises. With its experience of working in 44 districts in both urban and rural areas, it has a wide network and knowledge of local entrepreneurial ecosystem of different region.



Our Focus


Why Biruwa Advisors?

Biruwa Advisors believes that entrepreneurs can be the change agents that can solve problems that exist in Nepal. By helping entrepreneurs start and grow their business, Biruwa Advisors helps create and support change agents who can solve problems, create value and create opportunities within the country so that the country’s youth don’t have to migrate in search of opportunities abroad.


How Biruwa Advisors helps?

We help entrepreneurs by sharing lessons from our own entrepreneurial journey and help them refine their business model so that they can better execute their business. We continuously interact with entrepreneurs from different sectors and background to develop a good understanding of success and failure factors of business that we can pass to entrepreneurs we work with.


What does Biruwa Advisors do?

We brainstorm business ideas with entrepreneurs to help them access market opportunities and help them develop a business plan. We conduct business feasibility studies to evaluate whether the business ideas are financially viable. We support existing businesses conduct internal and external assessment to identify areas of improvement. Additionally, we facilitate investments for entrepreneurs seeking capital to start and grow their businesses.


Entrepreneur + Consultant

We are entrepreneurs ourselves. When we take on consulting assignments, we put ourselves in the entrepreneur’s shoes and try to fully understand their problems. We understand that there is not one-size-fits-all approach to business problems. We customize our services to provide an actionable solution that is tailored to your needs.


Knowledge + Experience = Expertise

Our Partners have a combined experience of over 40 years in business and consulting. Since Biruwa Advisors’ inception in 2011, we have mentored over 500 entrepreneurs, provided consulting services to over 50 entrepreneurs and businesses from diverse industries and provided investment facilitation services to a dozen enterprises. We have extensive knowledge and expertise of the Nepali market that we bring to the table whenever we take on consulting assignments.


Network + Ecosystem

Since its inception, Biruwa Advisors has played a catalytic role in building a strong entrepreneurship ecosystem in Nepal and as a result built a vast network among stakeholders in the market. We openly share our contacts with entrepreneurs looking to start a new venture and managers looking for solutions to their business problems. We help you connect with the right contacts and resources to help you grow your business.


How Biruwa Advisors Support Entrepreneurs/Businesses?

Need guidance or mentoring?

Biruwa Advisors offers two free mentoring sessions for aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage startups to help you refine your business plan and figure out steps to execute your business plan.

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Need consulting for your business?

Biruwa Advisors’ team has a depth of entrepreneurial and managerial experiences with which we provide solutions that help your business grow and adapt to changing business environment.

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Need access to capital?

Biruwa Advisors helps refine your investment proposal and connects with avenues of financing and investment that can help you scale your business model.

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