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What is Private Sector Development?

Private sector is an important vehicle to achieve development goals set by the government and development partners. Development interventions increasingly require the engagement of private sector actors as partners to capitalize their innovations to cater to their target groups’ needs. An active private sector not only creates employment, but can play a vital role in helping tackle development challenges of the developing countries like Nepal.

What Does Biruwa Advisors Offer?

Biruwa Advisors utilizes its network and expertise to engage the private sector to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a Business Development Service Provider, we support development organizations to formulate program strategies, connect with the right private sector partners, provide business support services to beneficiaries, conduct trainings, and evaluate programs’ effectiveness.


How Is Biruwa Advisors Supporting Private Sector Development In Nepal?

Business Development Services

With its extensive business and management consulting track record, Biruwa Advisors supports rural and urban entrepreneurs through its comprehensive business support services. Our core services as a BDS provide involves business plan development, enhancing marketing outreach, management mainstreaming, and business network support.

Local Entrepreneurship Development

Biruwa Advisors conducts local, district, provincial, and cluster centric entrepreneurial ecosystem assessment to help elected leaders and development organizations to formulate situation-specific development interventions. We engage the private sector actors to play a strong role in economic development and poverty alleviation.

Value Chain Development

Biruwa Advisors supports value chain actors to access and enhance their competitiveness to increase outreach and impacts on smallholder-producers across various value chains and high value agriculture products. We have worked to support consolidators like cooperatives and traders to create greater impacts on producers.

Training & Capacity Building

Biruwa Advisors trains and builds capacity of project team and related stakeholders to align with the project objectives. These in-house and onsite trainings include private sector engagement, legal compliance, financial modeling, business plan development, mentoring, and wider business themes.

Project Monitoring, Evaluation & Documentation

Biruwa Advisors support development agencies and donors to monitor and judge the efficiency of their program activities. It involves developing tools and techniques to monitor activities, outputs and results, including developing systematic documentation to report to their stakeholders.

Women Entrepreneurship Development

Biruwa Advisors helps women entrepreneurs to enhance their business model, improve their management capacities, increase their market outreach and enhance their profitability. We also help them to generate internal and external business intelligence enabling them to cope with entrepreneurial challenges and become market-shock resistant.

Strengthening Business Member Organizations

Biruwa Advisors works as a strategic and technical partner for BMOs to develop, mainstream and continually support their activities to create greater impacts on their members and entrepreneurs. We provide capacity building trainings to project staff to help them serve their members effectively.

Program Development Services

Biruwa Advisors supports enterprises to evaluate their market, internal management capacities and risks to increase their investment readiness. Through its existing network with banking and financial institutions and investors’ network, Biruwa Advisors provides investment facilitation support to the enterprises.

Private Sector Partner Assessment

Biruwa Advisors helps projects, development agencies, and donors identify the right private sector partners through Private Sector Partner Assessment. We conduct thorough assessments to ensure alignment between the chosen private sector partner and project objectives. Our assessments focus on evaluating the partner's performance, capability to meet project requirements, and overall suitability for collaboration.


Consulting Assignments Carried Out By Biruwa Advisors To Support Private Sector Development In Nepal


USAID- KISANII Business Development Service

Biruwa Advisors assisted USAID's KISAN II activity to accelerate the growth of rice and feed mills in Nepal. Under USAID's activity, rice and feed mills from Bagmati,Lumbini and Sudurpaschim provinces received business development services to enhance their production and products. The Biruwa Advisor's team assessed and shortlisted recommended rice mill enterprises to receive a six month tailored mentorship based on their individual needs. Biruwa Advisors helped USAID to identify a mill's needs and gaps, individually mentor those enterprises, and ultimately enable and support the expansion of their agri-businesses.


Oxfam Nepal - Mapping Business Opportunities

Biruwa Advisors supported Oxfam for Mapping Business Opportunities under the Enterprise Development Program, in Nepal.  As a part of this consulting assignment, Biruwa Advisors team mapped-out enterprises from Sudurpaschim Pradesh, Karnali Pradesh, and Pradesh no.3. Small and medium enterprises demonstrating social impact, economic impact, and women's economic empowerment were analyzed and recommended to Oxfam for further assessment of their intervention and support. The selected enterprises, from each province, will be included in Oxfam’s business portfolio under Enterprise Development Program. Based on assessment of their need, the enterprise will receive potential support from the program in the form of technical assistance or grant, which can be harnessed by the enterprises for scaling of their business and creating sustainable impact.


PACT World - Women Economic Empowerment Support

Biruwa Advisors worked as technical partner for USAID-funded Sajhedari Bikas Project in six districts (Banke, Dang, Surkhet, Bardia, Kailali and Kanchanpur) to support and document growth oriented and well-performing women-led groups, or individually run enterprises, to enhance and expand their businesses. Biruwa Advisors conducted rapid assessment, consulted with entrepreneurs and project team members to develop selection criteria, document the findings and shortlist 12 enterprises. Biruwa Advisors supported these 12 growth-oriented enterprises with backward and forward linkages in the supply chain enhancing their capacity to operate their businesses effectively. The support also involved enhancing their access to finance through existing banking and financial channels. Biruwa Advisors team also trained and mentored the entrepreneurs to enhance their management capacities.


United Nations Capital Development Fund - UNNATI Access to Finance

Biruwa Advisors supported UNNATI-UNCDF to strengthen the capacity of 18 enterprises in four districts (Tehrathum, Dhankuta, Bhojpur and Sankhuwasabha) to develop bankable business plans for them to apply for loans from Banking and Financial Institutions (BFI). Biruwa Advisors provided mentorship and guidance to the eighteen agri-businesses value chain actors to innovate their business models and prepare a sound, sustainable and scalable business plan. It helped refine their existing business models, structure and organize their actions to increase market share and improve profitability. Biruwa Advisors also supported the enterprises to mainstream their management and provided guidance to UNNATI partner micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSME’s) to raise debt from BFIs and trained them in various method of raising equity from the Nepali market.


Danish Embassy - DANIDA Business Partnership

Biruwa Advisors worked as a consultant for the Danish Embassy to identify companies in Nepal for the Danida Business Partnership. The objective of the program was to improve the competitiveness of Nepalese businesses and thereby generate economic growth and reduce poverty. The program sought committed partnerships between Nepalese and Danish companies realising a common commercial business interests. Biruwa Advisors utilized its vast business network and industry expertise to support the Danish Embassy in identifying and shortlisting potential Nepali businesses across six target industries. After receiving interests from over 200 businesses in Nepal, Biruwa shortlisted 43 Nepali businesses to host a matchmaking event with 12 Danish companies brought to Nepal by the Danish government. The event led to the formulation of three successful business partnerships.