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Evaluating Your Ideas, Solving Your Business Problems

We evaluate the feasibility of a business idea and suggest solutions to business problems faced by existing businesses. We assist in developing and improving the business model and connect entrepreneurs with experienced mentors so that the entrepreneur can avoid common business mistakes.

How can Biruwa Advisors' mentoring session help you?

Business Plan Evaluation

Biruwa Advisors serves as a coach who can give you guidance and pragmatic advice to help you overcome your business challenges. Whether you are looking to identify your target customers or your business is facing problems, our Brainstorm sessions can help you move your business forward.

Problem Identification

Biruwa Advisors Brainstorm sessions will help you discuss and find solutions to your business problems. Whether your business is operating at a loss or having difficulty in acquiring or retaining clients, the Brainstorm session can help you identify why your business is facing a problem and can help you plot a course of action to resolve your issues.

Business Feasibility

Brainstorm sessions will help you establish whether there is a market for the product or service you are offering and evaluates the financial feasibility of your business. For established businesses, the Brainstorm session can help you decide whether to move forward with your business or adapt your business to the changing market scenario.

Connect with Mentors

Biruwa Advisors connects you to industry experts both domestically and internationally. Whether you need to connect with someone with experience in your industry or you need to connect with experts outside Nepal, we open our network to you so that you can grow your business.

What Do Our Clients Say About Biruwa's Private Sector Development Consulting?


Biruwa Advisors helped me through the initial phase of my company. I learnt from the experience that the mentors had. I built my network with right people and learned so much about the Nepalese market as soon as I came back from the United States. Biruwa Advisors helped me make right decisions through out.

Sasto Deal

Amun Thapa

I benefited a lot through Biruwa Advisors’ mentoring. Mentors here helped me to improve on my idea, test my business and know that I am on the right track. Additionally, I gained experiences shared by other entrepreneurs at Biruwa Advisors, expanded my network and received constant feedback on my work.

Codewing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Raushan Jaiswal

Biruwa Advisors’ mentoring helped me to think and work on MVP for my project and create strong team as an start up entrepreneur. I also got help on the legal and company structure information in which I didn’t had any idea due to engineering background.

GAME Studios

Rajan Mahrjan

Biruwa Advisors’ mentoring helped me step into a new business. Guidance upon how feasible was my business idea, how wide was the scope of growth, how greater were the risk were very helpful. Mentors there were very inspiring. Suggestions they gave made me change my business module as to utilize the full potential of my Rohit Tiwari


Rohit Tiwari

We lacked exposure. Biruwa Advisors acted as a platform and gave us the exposure that we needed by giving us some amazing networking opportunities that increased our exposure and that has resulted into increased sales. And the advice of building network with the organizations with similar businesses made us understand our business environment better.

Doko Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Regan Prasain

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