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Nepal Trade Information Portal

Nepal Trade Information Portal (NTIP) is developed to adhere to the condition of Article 1 of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) to capture, disseminate and distribute the trade information. Based on the World Bank Trade Portal Toolkit, NTIP is a single platform where an entire spectrum of information relating to import into, export from, and transit through Nepal is readily available. The toolkit was initially implemented in Laos and has since been successfully implemented in several developing countries. Nepal had launched the pilot version of its first trade portal – the Nepal Trade Information Portal (NTIP) in September 2016 in an attempt to support investment and trade facilitation in the country. The government officially launched the ‘Trade Information Portal’ in September 2019.

Funded by the World Bank and operated by TEPC, the website provides an accessible, logical, helpful window for traders to access important regulatory and procedural information needed to import and export. The mission is to improve the predictability and transparency of the country’s trading laws and processes.

The Nepal Trade Information Portal includes information on:

  • Overview of the procedures and required documentation needed to undertake imports to, or exports from, Nepal
  • Regulatory requirements specific to each commodity
  • Import-Export transit process
  • Guidance and procedure to obtain the necessary license or permit
  • Government bodies in charge of imports and exports
  • Trade data sourced from relevant government sources
  • Latest news and announcements pertinent to trade

The trade information aggregated under one roof is beneficial for traders looking to do business and can lead to trade promotion. Additionally, it can empower the business community by shortening legal document preparation time while ensuring compliance since all relevant documents are shared on the portal. The trade portal can help entrepreneurs in their search for new markets and provide them with the necessary guidance.

One can also find the most frequently asked questions section, which encompasses repeated questions and answers relating to trading to or from Nepal. The one-stop window for information provides a comprehensive set of guidelines and information conveniently arranged by topics so that trade information is easily accessible to all.

To open the portal mentioned above, the following link can be used:



Megha Pande