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Helping You Manage, Helping You Grow

Biruwa Advisors Pvt. Ltd. was established as the consulting wing of Biruwa Ventures Pvt. Ltd., the first private company in Nepal to focus on promoting entrepreneurship. Our mission is to enable pragmatic approaches to grow and manage business ventures through innovative and impactful solutions. We bring our in-depth knowledge, business expertise and extensive network derived from our eight-years of institutional experience to help entrepreneurs and business managers make informed decisions. Our Partners have a combined experience of over 45 years in business and consulting. Since Biruwa's inception in 2011, we have mentored over 700 entrepreneurs, provided consulting services to over 100 business ventures from diverse sectors and industries.

Biruwa Advisors' Services

Market Research

We assist entrepreneurs to scan the business environment by designing, collecting and interpreting market data in order to assess opportunities and challenges existing in the market. This analysis will help businesses to identify ways to improve brand image, increase market share, test business feasibility, all contributing to building a strong marketing strategy.

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Business Plan

We provide a comprehensive action plan for businesses by taking into account its core services/products, business strategy, marketing strategy, financial feasibility and external environment to meet the client’s vision for growth. We update the business plan periodically in line with business progress.

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Financial Analysis

We perform comprehensive financial analysis from cost assessment to investment budgeting so that businesses can effectively manage their finances. We also support businesses in identifying and analyzing deviation in calculations by comparing various financial reports. Through this service, businesses can maintain a strong financial record thereby helping them to attract more investors and optimize profits.

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Private Sector Development

Biruwa Advisors utilizes its private sector network and expertise to connect development organizations with the right private sector partners for achieving development goals. We also support development organizations to formulate programs, capacitate staff, provide business support services to beneficiaries and evaluate the programs’ effectiveness.

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Operations Management

We assist businesses in streamlining their operations for effective and efficient management. We analyze the current situation of the business and identify ways to improve the operating procedure through redesigning and restructuring.

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Investment Facilitation

We connect both investors and enterprises that are seeking investment. We scout the market for businesses that fit the investment profile of the investors by identifying their preferences. On the other hand, we also support businesses to make them investment ready by preparing an investment pitch and filling in the missing components that the business Investment Facilitation

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Legal Consulting

Biruwa Advisors’ legal experts provide consultation, documentation, registration and liaison services related to legal and statutory compliance to minimize bureaucratic hassles for businesses. This will, in turn, enable the businesses to focus on their core functions.

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Consulting Assignments Carried Out By Biruwa Advisors


Bhairawa Hospitality Research- Market Research and Feasibility Analysis

Mr. Ajit Malla wanted to start a hospitality business in Bhairahawa in the ancestral property he owned. However, due to lack of experience in the particular industry, he was uncertain about the type, category, and size of businesses. He approached Biruwa Advisors to assist him in getting clarity and make these decisions. Biruwa Advisors worked in an advisory capacity to develop a comparative business report for multiple businesses that could be undertaken in the given location based on Market Research and Financial Analysis. The research comprised of preliminary site assessment, location trend, competitor analysis and feasibility of hospitality-based businesses in the area. Based on this research, Biruwa Advisors proposed multiple viable scenarios indicating the investment range, type of hospitality project, position in the market and target segment in the market. The client could decide on the business that he could start within his investment and risk appetite while considering the Market and Financial feasibility.


Euro Kids (Siddhartha Institute of Education)- Financial Analysis

Euro Kids Bhairahawa is an Indian franchise of pre-primary school operating in Nepal. The school’s branch in Bhairahawa was suffering from degrading financial health and wanted suggestions to overcome the situation. Biruwa Advisors conducted a comprehensive financial analysis based on the client’s past performance. Projected financial statements, break-even analysis, financial ratios were used to identify major expenses incurred and potential areas where the company could target higher efficiency and improve profitability. The client was able to focus on managing their expenses based on the value they were generating as well as efficiently manage their finances to achieve higher profitability


Cunina Nepal- Organizational Assessment

Cunina is an NGO in Nepal which provides educational scholarships to underprivileged students in Sankhuwasabha and Kathmandu. As the scale of operations of Cunina was rapidly rising, the organization was facing issues related to the operations because of which there was a lot of fire-fighting and spontaneous decisions to be made. To address the organization’s issues, Biruwa Advisors conducted an organizational assessment of operations including reporting structure, reporting formats, and control mechanisms and reviewed the scope of departments to map communication gaps, ambiguous reporting lines & duplication of responsibilities in the first phase. After the collection of information and its analysis, Biruwa Advisors provided a broad way-forward, on the basis of which specific areas of intervention could be taken up in the next phase based on the organization’s priority. Through this assessment, the organization was able to bring the situation and the gaps to their priority list of intervention so that action plans could be formulated to address them.

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