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Private Sector Development

Biruwa Advisors leverages its private sector network and expertise to connect development organizations with the right partners to achieve their goals. We assist in program formulation, capacity building, providing business support services to beneficiaries, and evaluating program effectiveness. Our approach ensures strategic partnerships, effective program design, enhanced staff capabilities, and impactful business support, all aimed at driving sustainable development and measurable success. 

What is Private Sector Development?

Private sector development involves creating an environment conducive to entrepreneurship, investment, and sustainable growth through initiatives like enhancing market infrastructure and improving access to finance. By supporting the private sector, development efforts can achieve their ultimate goals. Moreover, collaboration with the private sector is crucial for driving innovation and efficiency across sectors like agriculture, healthcare, education, and technology, enabling the delivery of better services to the underserved populations. Active engagement with private sector actors is essential for addressing development challenges and generating employment in developing countries like Nepal.

What does Biruwa Advisors offer?

Development organizations often lack the private sector orientation necessary to achieve their goals. Biruwa Advisors bridges this gap by leveraging our extensive network and expertise to engage the private sector effectively. As a Business Development Service Provider, we assist development organizations in formulating program strategies, connecting with suitable private sector partners, providing business support services to beneficiaries, conducting trainings, and evaluating program effectiveness.

How is Biruwa Advisors supporting Private Sector Development in Nepal?

  • Program Development Services
  • Business Development Services
  • Local Entrepreneurship Development
  • Value Chain Development
  • Training & Capacity Building
  • Project Monitoring, Evaluation & Documentation
  • Women Entrepreneurship Development
  • Strengthening Business Member Organizations
  • Enhancing Access to Finance