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Investment Facilitation

We connect both investors and enterprises that are seeking investment. We scout the market for businesses that fit the investment profile of the investors by identifying their preferences. On the other hand, we also support businesses to make them investment ready by preparing an investment pitch and filling in the missing components that the business requires.

Why is Investment Facilitation necessary?

For investors, finding the right investment opportunity in a market like Nepal is difficult. You will spend a lot of time and resources on scouting for opportunities that you could have spent evaluating deals. For entrepreneurs, finding the right investor who will not only investment in your business but help you grow it by adding value to your business is difficult. Biruwa Advisors helps bridge this gap by utilizing our expertise and network within the business community in Nepal to serve the interest of both the parties involved in the deal.

What does Investment Facilitation provide?

Investment facilitation is provided to both investors and enterprises seeking investment. It helps investors to create a customized investment profile by identifying their objectives, needs and risk tolerance level. We scout the market to find the businesses that are ready for investment. The service is also provided for businesses looking for investors helping them prepare an investment pitch and a plan that investors will look for. We also support the enterprises become investment ready by filling the gaps in their business model and operational processes.

What does Investment Facilitation cover?

  • Investment scouting
  • Business Diagnostic
  • Due Diligence Audit
  • Negotiation and term sheet
  • Deal closing
  • Investment Monitoring
  • Business Diagnostic
  • Mentoring
  • Investment planning
  • Investor scouting
  • Business valuation
  • Negotiation and Deal Closing